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Become an member!

Yes, I want to become an NVP member!

As the management's advisor, do you sometimes need a sparring partner? Are you ambitious enough to want to keep up with professional development in your area? You can strengthen your position in daily practice using the knowledge and an interesting network offered by NVP.

The NVP is open to persons with experience in the HR field and/or with a relevant education. This guarantees you, as a member, that you are among professional colleagues. NVP memberships are personal. Eligibility for membership in the association is based on:

  • graduation from a higher professional education in Personnel Policy and Human Resources or a comparable course of study, or
  • at least three years of practical experience in a job within the Personnel and Organisation field.

If you do not fulfil these conditions, you may qualify for one of the following special memberships:

  • junior member, if you fulfil the conditions for membership but are younger than 28 years of age;
  • candidate for membership, if you are studying at a higher professional educational institute in Personnel Policy and Human Resources or a comparable higher professional course of study, either with an applied emphasis (HBO) or a research-oriented program (WO);
  • an interested member, if you do not fulfil the requirements for membership, but are interested in HR because you are employed in a related field.

The membership contribution for 2018 is € 235 for an entire year. The membership year runs from January 1st up to and including December 31st, but may commence at the beginning of each month. The membership fee is then proportionately calculated over the remaining months in the calendar year. Membership invoices are sent to the member's private address. If you prefer that your invoice be sent to your employer's invoicing address, please inform membership records of this fact. Please note that membership with the NVP is on a personal basis.

The membership prices in 2018 for the specific members are:

  • Candidate Members € 25
  • Junior Members € 128
  • Interested Members € 235

Membership may be cancelled in writing or per email before December 1st of any year; termination is effective from January 1st of the subsequent calendar year.

Use the (Dutch) registration form to register!